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Women are expected to be strong, yet gentle. An equal provider and a hands-on mother. Be slim but not skinny. Voluptuous but not fat. Maintain a clean house, make healthy meals, shop on a budget, be sexy, be fit, show up with a smile and keep it all together. We are encouraged to reserve time for self-care and follow our dreams, but not take too much time!

On top of all the pressures we face, women are still undervalued and underrated! In today’s society, it is almost impossible not to feel inferior defeated and exhausted. The majority of women don’t live the lives we want. Our time and energy have been handed over to others.

Authentic Woman Power teaches you how to be unapologetically yourself. You will discover your secret powers and gain respect from yourself and others. You will learn how to break out of the ‘good girl’ mold and have fun being ‘bad.’ Authentic Woman Power shows you that you can live a Warrior Goddess life.

Lisa has worked with thousands of women, and is a strong believer in every one of us. That we all have incredible power, intuition and a fire within to be used and strengthened. She reveals how to believe in yourself and love all your bits, the good and 'bad.' As a single mom, who has dealt with pain, loss, restriction and abuse, she is not immune to insecurities and struggles... but she absolutely lives a Warrior Goddess life.

Authentic Woman Power is not all sparkles, rainbows and ‘Pollyanna,’ it is refreshingly raw, honest and real. Real help for real women like you!

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