Beauty Treatments

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Eyelash Extensions

High quality lash extensions personalized to flatter your face shape, eye shape and eye size. Natural or full to suit your lashing desires.

Volume. Mega Volume. Hybrid/Blended. Classic.

Fill Price: 2-3 weeks after a fill or initial lash set.

Full Lash Price: 4 weeks after a fill or for initial lash set.

Classic - full set $95. fill $60

Hybrid or Blended - full set $120. fill $70

Volume - full set $140. fill $80

Mega Volume - full set $170. fill $95

Makeup Application

Refresh and learn, grad, wedding, event, makeover just because or fun with a friend!

If you have fallen into a pattern of applying the same makeup year after year, treat yourself to a makeup lesson and learn how to freshen your look, brighten your skin, enhance your eyes and flatter your facial features. Bring a friend and make a fun afternoon out of it.

1 hour session $55
Invite a friend - 2 hour session $45 each

Grad, wedding and events are special days to treat yourself and have your makeup professionally applied. Look beautiful for your big day and the camera!

Specialty Makeup - $150 1.5hrs

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Facial Treatment & Massage

Complete relaxation and skin rejuvenation

Parisian style effleurage massage increases blood circulation and reduces water retention for younger looking skin. 

Gentle exfoliation and skin plumping hydration treatments brighten complexion and add a youthful glow.

Treatment tailored for your skin's needs.

End with skin analysis, personalized treatment plan for beautiful healthy skin and makeup touch-up.

1+ hour treatment $65

manicure nail treatment sidney bc


Pretty hands and nails. Relax in a soothing environment with a manicure, polish and nail design of your choice. 

Your hands will feel beautiful and soft after a moisturizing soak, exfoliation, massage and deep hydration.

1 hour service $45

Gel polish $55

Gel removal + $5

pedicure foot nails sidney bc


Beautiful polished toes and feet perfect for summer sandals.

Treat your feet to a hydrating soak, scrub and moisturizing massage that will leave your soles supple and soft. Toes will look pretty trimmed and perfectly polished.

1 hour service $55

Gel polish $65

Gel removal + $5

manicure pedicure nails sidney bc

Mani Pedi

A perfect pairing. Enjoy both beauty treatments for soft beautiful hands and feet and save.

1.5 hour service $80

Gel polish $95

Gel removal + $10 (both or $5 each)

Local Sidney in-home service available for manicures & pedicures. Additional $25

Gel polish uses UV light to cure that will last longer than classic air dry polish. This procedure takes time and care to remove and re-apply. Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes to your treatment when choosing gel.

Polarity Therapy

Our bodies naturally hold tension, and a toxic build-up can result in high levels of cortisol that promotes anxiety, weight gain, depression, fatigue, digestive disorders, health problems and more.

This unique healing stress-reduction treatment brings your body and chakras back to balance by using specific touch throughout the body that lowers the central nervous system to a healthy calmer state.

1+ hour treatment $70

Treatment time varies on the body's current stress levels. Performed fully clothed (thin fabrics suggested for optimal energy healing).

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