Beauty & Style

6 Week Online Beauty & Style Course

Authentic Beauty is for you to shine. 

Every woman has power and makes an impact. Shine your beautiful light. Build image and inner strength with self-love, easy beauty rituals and your very own personal style. 

Every week receive new image, style, beauty, makeup, hair, skin care and self-love instructions. Try something different for a fresh improved presentation from head-to-toe. Learn how to give yourself love and respect.

Self-care training that builds personal style and teaches makeup application, skin care, hair styles for your face shape, self-empowerment and so much more. 

Authentic Beauty is about you - the real You! Discover how beautiful and amazing you really are! 


Beauty, Style & Self-Love

Beauty Tricks, Dressing Your Body, Finding Your Style, Self Discovery and Empowerment

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

'What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick.  Fashion is instant language.'      - Miuccia Prada

Authentic Beauty Series provides tools and guidance for flawless makeup, dressing like a stylist and boosting self love and care to look and feel your best.

It's not about correcting or 'fixing' yourself; it’s revealing how incredible and beautiful you really are.

All books are available for pick-up at Authentic Beauty Studio or can be ordered free shipping on Amazon (prices and links listed below).

Beautiful You.

As a professional makeup artist, I have made over thousands of women. We are all one-of-a-kind, and we are all amazing! You have a natural beauty and are more beautiful than you know.

Learn the best makeup for you, how to use brushes, apply beautiful flattering eye makeup, youthful tips, the most effective skin care, hair styles for your face shape and so much more.

Personalized to enhance your features - your skin type, skin tone, face shape, eye shape, eye colour, hair type and more. 

Step-by-step instructions, illustrations, cheat sheets and worksheets provide a complete package - gorgeous makeup, skin and hair, plus tips to love your beautiful self.

$37 - Available at Authentic Beauty Studio or Amazon.

Stylish You.

Presentation and confidence are so important, and have an incredible impact on your life. 

When you discover your style and fashionably present yourself, you will feel beautiful, confident and real. Confidence is a gift we all have access to and is extremely powerful.

Have you ever noticed a stylishly dressed woman and how people respond to her? 

Discover your personal style, how to flatter your figure, use your style to create an image you are proud of, dress and shop like a stylist, wear the right accessories, organize your closet and more. Illustrations and cheat sheets make learning easy.

Your presentation is like a magnet - what you present, you attract.

$37 - Available at Authentic Beauty Studio or Amazon.


This workbook guides you through a self-discovery process to find out who you really are, identify where you need self-love and self-care, uncover ways to harness your innate power, and learn how to naturally enhance your beauty and style.

$18 - Available at Authentic Beauty Studio or Amazon.

Empower You.

A journal filled with uplifting and positive quotes to provide confidence and strength. 

Feel empowered every day.

$14 - Available at Authentic Beauty Studio or Amazon.